Here at One Touch Carpentry, we’re a family-owned business who has been doing great work for great people for many decades. We have always clung to the incredible work ethic and determination that has driven this company since day one. And we’re more than just a luxury home remodeling company.

We’re Bostonians, just like you. So we know what it means to come from this area–we know the hard work people expect from each other, the level of kindness that goes beyond most other cities on Earth, and the trust we place in one another each and every day. That’s what makes this city wonderful, as well as our company.

No job is too small and we treat every job like we are working in our own home. We’re glad to talk with you about projects regarding services we list here on our website and ones we don’t–there is so much we can do and have done that even the most unique requests will typically be met with us having done similar projects before.

Carpenter Marking a Wooden Plank


  • High-quality work and a powerful attention to detail.
  • Decades upon decades of experience.
  • On time, on schedule, presentabe, and respectable.
  • Uniquely positioned to provide you the sweet spot of the highest value for the lowest cost.